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03.02 - 27.03.2024
Crack Kids Lisbon

A world where we jump rope, imagination flies like a diablo and the spirit of play recreates itself. The latest contemporary painting exhibition - entitled "Casa Dourada, rua de Ouro" ("Golden House, Street of Gold") by Ana Malta - invites visitors to step out of their comfort zones and seek the spontaneity of uninhibited creativity.

In a society often conditioned by routine and the demands of adulthood, this exhibition serves as a personal note on the importance of appreciating our innocence. This selection of works reflects a journey through the urban landscape to the enchanted world of Eldorado. The artist interweaves social life with this idea of a place of gold, rich, alive and colourful, which no one has ever found but exists in her childhood memories and manifests itself in this visual symphony.

Ana moves away from portraying domestic reality - the interior of our "Golden House"- to a city interpretation where we find a new value - the portrait of the "Street of Gold", a place that exists outside what is comfortable for us, a place where we do what we want to happen.

Inviting viewers to abandon the monochromatism of everyday life, the works encourage us to rekindle our curiosity, promoting an environment where simplicity flourishes.



Ana Malta, December 2023

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