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25.04. — 19.06.2021

Espinho Municipal Museum: Galerias Amadeo Souza-Cardoso

The International Art Biennial of Espinho is an exhibition of artistic expressions that takes place every two years at the Espinho Municipal Museum: Amadeo Souza-Cardoso Galleries.


The jury, constituted for the purposes of this edition of the biennial, will be composed of the following elements: Dr. Pinto Moreira, Mayor of Espinho City Hall or his representative, who chairs the jury; Doctor Helena Mendes Pereira - curator, professor and researcher in contemporary art; Professor Maria José Goulão - Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto; Rafael Oliveira - artist, winner of the 5th International Biennial of Art of Espinho.






Acrylic, oil pastel, enamel and spray on canvas;



100 x 100 x 3 cm;

“An old chestnut tree stands by the roadside, with decayed branches; each fruit resembles a nest, each leaf a dawn. 


If the sun shines there is friendly shade; if snow falls it gives warmth to its ancient branch; each fruit resembles a nest; each leaf a dawn. 

Those who are hungry pass by it and eat the fruit, without bread; the wind shakes a fathom, abundance joins the ground, full of love and grace.

But if the cold winter comes, it chases the poor singers; the chestnut raises its hands so that the dry branch serves enough fire to the fireplace.”


My great-great-grandfather Malhó described, in his memoirs, the importance of living life “in colour”. An old chestnut tree gives its life to provide comfort and peace. My grandparents. When it's cold they “flood” me in patterns of colourful blankets and warmth from the wood of inherited land. “Human chestnut trees” that show that it is simple to enjoy life. The peeling of a nut, the marking of a pine tree or cutting an orange in circles. The hands that pull the blankets. In a world so colourless, the wisdom of long-planted minds shows us that distance is a promise of a saturated hug. In this new reality where the mind loses control at a young age, the more I am certain that the solution is to preserve our innocence.


I want to go see you, Grandpa.

I want to go see you, Grandma.

Ana Malta

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