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My name is Ana Malta (Lisbon, 1996) and I'm a visual artist and freelance designer.

I studied Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Lisbon and therefore have the visual culture and interest to work within the cultural area. My Masters is in Creative Industries Management from UCP in Porto, which gives me the basics of cultural project management.

My work is developed through the study of colour, patterns, composition and scratching materials, vehicles of my plastic and visual unconscious. A creative process where restlessness seeks aesthetics and where dialogue turns “mistakes” into opportunities.

I am part of the artistic collective VÊS.TRÊS and I was a finalist of the “A Arte Chegou ao Colombo Award” in 2021.

In addition I have participated in: the 14th Edition of QUADRANTE, the Melancia Mag, the RTP2 channel SCROLL programme, in the book (AS)ARTISTAS - Ensaio Gráfico sobre Histórias e Práticas Artísticas no Feminino, the April 21st Edition of Nova Awareness Club, among other collaborations.


I worked for almost three years as an assistant in the department of production, communication and promotion of Carpintarias de São Lázaro Cultural Centre, Galeria Belo-Galsterer, Miradouro de Baixo and the Gastronomic Contest - Lisboa à Prova. 

At Carpintarias de São Lázaro, I was in charge of all the visual/graphic communication supports for the Cultural Centre and its rooftop - the Miradouro de Baixo. In addition, I created the institution's website and I manage all the necessary information; I coordinate the team of 15 volunteers; help in the production of exhibitions and shows; manage the social networks and newsletter; I did simple digital and email marketing and also creative video and sound editing for certain promotions and/or spots for rtp (portuguese tv channel). 

My activity at Galeria Belo-Galsterer involved, occasionally, creating the visual and graphic language, but mainly creating the publications/artists' books for the exhibitions; production of contemporary art exhibitions; partial management of the social networks and, also, video and sound editing in certain situations. 

My work within Lisboa à Prova (which has Lisbon’s City Hall, Turismo de Lisboa and AHRESP as partners) was very specific. I've done short documentaries, the management of the social networks and production support. 


At the moment, I dedicate my time to my studio and freelance design work.

Works at Artsy

A Arte Chegou ao Colombo Award | Berardo Museum

6th Espinho International Art Biennial

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