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11.20 - 12.18.2021

Pousada de Lisboa Pestana Hotel​, Praça do Comércio

"Very close to the place where there is still a table reserved for Fernando Pessoa (Martinho da Arcada restaurant) there's an exhibition about the poet. It is in the Pousada de Lisboa, next to Praça do Comércio, that "Olhar Pessoa" opens on November 20th, a group exhibition that brings together 20 original works by 10 artists who were inspired by Pessoa to create pieces that reflect his personality and lifestyle. Sofia Areal, Marco Ayres, David Reis Pinto, Matim Dinis, Tiago Hesp, Maia Horta, Madalena Pequito, Carlota Roque Martins, Ana Malta, Paulo Damião and Paulo Albuquerque are the artists featured in this exhibition that can be seen by guests and visitors of this hotel part of the Pestana Group, where the Ministry of Internal Administration once functioned.


Time Out, 15 November 2021

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