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15.02. — 02.16.2020

AEGEU - Cultural Centre

Ana Malta | NUMPÁRA - Madalena Pequito - Maria de Brito Matias

'Bass line': the expression Starobinski employs to evoke ancient places and rhy thms is significant : modernity does not obliterate them but pushes them into the background. They are like gauges indicating the passage and continuation of time. They survive like the words that express them and will express them in future. Modernity in art preserves all the temporalities of place, the ones that are located in space and in words.

Non-places, Mare Augé



The chord sustains a tonality.

Conditioning: Improvising a melodic line. The space defines the intensity of the sound. Integrate the space in the composition (two-dimensional), from the observation of the volume. The colour of the volume shapes the form. The depth of form only exists in the roundness of the eye. The volume of the eye elaborates the only volume of the form.

You see. Three brings together a collective project, without division into parcels or materials. Three registers, discourses and working methods converge in one point. This originates a single rhythm - sound - that intuitively and harmoniously organises and composes itself in a flat space. Chord. During the process of improvisation the << places memories>> emerge. Colour delimits a language that alludes to ancient time and places. Thus, the present space - Aegean - is defined by two circles - the radius triples - and the ellipse generated is a living body that proposes volume to the voice. The temporality of the place is conserved.


A. Lenz, February 2020

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