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Recreational Association of Moita Redonda, Fátima

An initiative to bring together all those who want to see and create, in the eyes of artistic decentralization.

Art show at Associação Recreativa da Moita Redonda, together with other events from various artistic circles.








Acrylic, spray, oil pastel, enamel, charcoal and dry pastel on canvas



The work "Wallpaper" (2021) is part of the debate on the valuation and devaluation of art and the artist's work, particularly in view of the pandemic situation we are going through. 

The collective VÊS.TRÊS, composed of the visual artists Ana Malta | NUMPÁRA, Maria de Brito Matias and Madalena Pequito, presents a work that alludes to the wallpaper object, thus questioning the concept of value, both in economic and appreciative terms, in Portugal.

Sitting in a café, they discussed the adversities of living in Lisbon. Three artists, coming from a professional area with a low employability rate, in a world of uncertainties where little is paid for the sustainable quality of life that each individual creator deserves to have.

These concerns aroused the will to express frustration when seeing the values of opportunities, the values of real estate, the values of materials... the value of everything.

We asked ourselves: what value does art have? And what is it worth? How do we value our hand, our support, our will, our work?

What if we put egos aside, and unite in a new authorship? An authorship that sees artistic creation as a moment of reflection, of discussion and of fun? 

And what if the value of our work/artistic process alone was enough to buy a house? For a stable future?

We would quickly wallpaper the space... ours - because the value is not only monetary. It is representative of the effort of each one of us and the artistic will that drives us.

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