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05 - 05.26.2022

CUPRA, Lisbon

Invited by State of art

The Crisis of Icarus' Daughter


It is so hard to want

But by wanting I am just pretending 

Thus I keep weaving

Trying to (not) finish the shroud 


Lacing takes time

Patience without setbacks

I have holes in mine

Beautiful moths between the lines 


Wean the addiction 

Dare to say no

Lavandula is happy 

If you don't let it be crushed


Luxury is to own yourself

And not to falter

All I want is a peasant

That in disguise allows me to dare

What a luxury it is to own yourself. We have been blessed by being racional. What a privilege it is to be in control of our lives, of our actions. The fragility of the human mind sometimes blocks the use of this ability, we are imprisoned by mere satisfaction, by comfort, by the dangerous routine. The routine blinds us. Yes we can change, yes we can dare. Let us dare to be.


With one foot behind, we deceive our intentions. The worse vice than the usual ones is to remain in another person’s truth. Truths. A concept that is said it depends on the perspective. And how tempting is your perspective. It would be ideal. It would be the tale.


Thankfully we don't ‘weave’ to avoid it. Gratefully there is nothing to be stepped. Fortunately, and followed, I believe, by wisdom, we enjoy the gift we have been entrusted with and just let ourselves be.


The exhibition "The Crisis of Icarus' Daughter" aims to show exactly that. Two sides, two perspectives. The duality of uncertainty. In iron structures - the modern loom - we suspend the lucid and spin the fearful.


Three works, six faces.

Ana Malta

May 2022

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