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09.11 - 02.12.2023
Passevite, Lisbon

I'm caught…

…between reason and emotion. Inside a wardrobe that’s familiar to me, I'm a garment on a hanger, I'm an intimate moment of uncertainty, a quick choice, usually not well thought out, to dress someone I don't hang up, let alone in the morning.

I leave it hanging…

…in small dimensions. This lack of space makes me anxious. My creations shouldn't be put on hold. Misunderstood, I lack solutions. I work through the discomfort and try to be present.

In the passenger seat…

…I get drowsy. The car needs directions. I have all the paths in the world in me and I know where to go. Bored without an answer, I get confused, nauseous, unwell. Nobody uses maps any more.

How many ways are there to leave us hanging?
Confrontation is the exposure of vulnerability. Confrontation is an honest gift. The absence of a response affects our importance. What is this fear that empowers us with the agitation of the other?
We hang indifference, egos, absences.

How often do we do this to ourselves? 
Our identity forgotten like threadbare clothes. I have long clotheslines of matters hanged up.
The laundry pegs hold everything I hang there: time, choices, wills.

Ana Malta, November 2023

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