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21 - 22.05.2022

LisbonWeek, Lisbon

Invited by Materia Crua



Rest. Stop. Two concepts that should be more present. My body asks for it. My body needs it. Is ‘work’ the priority of this ridiculously logical structure of ours - the brain?


The unconscious. The body processes data. Visual data. Flows guided by our 5 senses - some say 6. All the information that passes through us enters a network of reflections, questions and just a few answers. Pictorially I act with meaning but no direction - a paradox.


I have no rest. I never stop. It is genetic...but also a choice. I see benches, chairs and armchairs. It's time. Am I better if I am sat? Where would be the self development? The artistic creation? The visual culture? I feel this attraction everywhere. It is dangerous. The pleasure of doing nothing is dangerous. 


Monday to Friday. 8 hours. Dinner. Work. What can I tell you more? I see polychrome euphemisms and I feel the bitter sweetness. It's the effect of my inner work. Meanwhile I've added 3 or 4 hours. At least one I owe to comfort.


Layers. I can see or unsee them. Intervene or not. It’s how I organize myself. It's organic...and technical. A pleasant but sudden movement. A restlessness that seeks aesthetics. It adapts. Disoriented but with enough insight to know myself, I recreate this impulse.


In the end my body says - finally.

Ana Malta, Maio 2022


Lisbonweek in partnership with MATERIA CRUA presents INNER WORK. This innovative exhibition goes far beyond the traditional physical exhibition, offering a memorable artistic and immersive experience.

Inner Work generates an insight into the way work came to be approached and, at the same time, personal development, which is to say, inner work.

Inner Work will bring together an array of artists from different backgrounds to demonstrate how technology has helped them go further — literally.

Based on the future of digital arts and the web3, and highlighting the importance of allying with technological partners, the artists will demonstrate the tools used that best allow them to defend their works, or even how technology helps them to breaking the barriers of the physical world in the name of an “art of the future”, which is consumed digitally. All so that they can get closer to their communities.

In this exhibition, the public-artist interaction will thus be a great asset. An interaction only possible thanks to technology — the Holy Grail of this show. Among the partners are names like Muarts.Tech, responsible for immersive arts, space performance and also for Talks.

The educational aspect of the event arrives precisely through the Talks, where topics not so well known to the public will be addressed, such as the NFT's Exhibitions, a breath of fresh air in the universe of arts and due exhibitions.


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