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curso luz


February 2020


Where do I find expression?

Through the body. The body speaks. 

I find it interesting how I can style it; explore its visual and conceptual limits. 

Whose body? From where? When, in time, did I imprint it in my memory?


A presence.

A spell.



Where do I find space? What can be wider and lighter than a straight line? 

And how about a square?

The balance.

I want contrast.

I want a composition where each element is different and unlimited like its plasticity.


Mistakeas an opportunity.

Error as a tool.


During the creative process, all tangible expressions meet and become dynamic in an unconsciously solid way.

The colors are spread across the base and, as in our nature, they seem to have instincts, feelings... An irrational knowledge about paths and harmony.


Figures, portraits, words, shapes... They belong to the support.

I work with the contradiction between the “not idealized” concept and the fact that the work has never been external to its origin or its purpose.

It's a confusing reality.


I organize myself bylayers🇧🇷 by structures.


IT ISorganic🇧🇷

IT IStechnician🇧🇷


A restlessness that seeks aesthetics.

A constant search for answers, clarity and guidance.


They all express the long thoughts of my timeless consciousness and how my mind -the unconscious- deals with them.


A pure dialogue.​

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