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06.27 - 08.17.2022
LiR Gallery, Lagoa, Algarve



Pleasant terms, garish colours, soft heavy criticism.

I have no use besides just being. Being regardless of whether it works or not. I stay.

You stay. Stay, stay, stay. I don't want you to stay. I want you to come.

But nobody knows how to leave. Nobody knows how to deal.

It's beautiful, it's so happy. An isms disguised as colour tries to get attention.

I have tools, I have the aesthetic, I have the word.

I have no manual, no solution, I have nothing.

With no one to blame

Life is good

For me

The line on top, it’s stable and keeps me awake.

The line below dances between chromatic phases.

Can it be that simple for you?

I'll try to make it happen.

Ana Malta, Jun 22

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