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08 - 03.29.2022

Aljustrel Workshops, Alentejo

Within the schedule of Women's Day activities.



The word "picnic" usually has a positive connotation. A moment. We bring together the natural and the social. In this event we all collaborate, each one of us brings what they think will please the other. 


An activity usually carried out in the open air, gives us a sense of pause. A moment of consolation from the fickle things in our lives. Romantic or not, we are accompanied: by a person, by a group, by a book, by nature. It is a famous habit. Ancient. A tradition with no particular reason but never abandoned. It is a walk. It is a change of scenery. 


The exhibition "picnic" by the collective VÊS.TRÊS invites you to this same encounter. A journey from Lisbon to Aljustrel in an attempt to change our and your routine. In a performatic tone we gather strangers, friends, acquaintances and bring the snacks: attempts to remove past feelings, creation of new realities, secrets of a broken phone, colourful falsehoods and ideas to move on. 


Once innocent patterns, vibrant colours and democratic is within these stimuli that VÊS.TRÊS builds a life parallel to the daily lives of the three artists. An immaterial presence that imposes itself against unfair and "inaccessible" fronts. 



See.Three, March 2022

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