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09.23 - 12.01.2022
São Mamede Gallery, Lisbon


It is over 50 years of existence.
It is a part of Portuguese Art history.
It is a reference and testimonial of the high standard of Portuguese art production.


The São Mamede artists are


our Past,
our present
and our future.


The desire to showcase and represent a diversity of visual expressions is one of the constant missions of the gallery. With an ever-growing inventory we always search for a dialogue between generations where modern and contemporary artworks share a space in a valuable dialogue.
Therefore, São Mamede Art Gallery invites all young and emerging artists who aspire to show their work, to participate in a group exhibition that will take place in the new space of the gallery situated at Rua Maestro Pedro de Freitas Branco, in Lisbon.
In September of 2022, the selected group of artists will participate in a group exhibition, serving the gallery as a space for convergence between a generation of promising artists and a new generation of collectors.

São Mamede Gallery 2022

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