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OPENING: 01.09.2021 (Wednesday | 3 - 7pm)

EXHIBITION: 02 — 09.30.2021 (Monday - Friday | 09am - 7pm)

atmosfera m, Lisbon | Rua Castilho nº 5



Know that we are strangers in search of the world. That we dive deep into the moments that remain. And every surface reveals a new self filled with layers of old selves we once were. Painting as art reminds us of how it was but also makes us think about how it could have been.

The exhibition On attempts to (re)move depicts the many layers we are left with as a result of life experiences. 

There are those who make just a sketch for the world to see as art and there are those who take years to perfect their techniques for the world to recognise them. Either situation deserves to be seen and appreciated.


Imagine how that canvas would have looked if the line had not been so firm, if the hand had a different inclination or if the painter had seen it from a different perspective. We imagine so many things the way we would like them to have been. So art represents us again and again. And, as in life, the work does not always follow the initial course. In response, we paint once again the version we have of the world, now. The old hopes remain to encourage us to keep moving. Everything around us changes and the colours with which we imagined the sky are altered in response to disgust, enthusiasm or pleasure. Sitting down, we remember those whom we are sure we have not forgotten. As if it were a lie of which only we know the truth.


In this exhibition we observe the past lived and the present felt and it is as if everything together represented a crowd. Just like the crowds we come across every day on the street. We are screens. And, thus, we are more than we show. And we have been so many other things that we had to let time transform us until we took on our current form.

Each canvas is a sign of one who has felt enough to know that almost nothing is certain, no matter how much we wish it were. Certain canvases in this exhibition were long paused until they recognised themselves and followed in the colours that the public can see today. 

There are canvases that were painted white; but there was hesitation, the first strokes were of anger, others of relief and others that meant letting go so that there could be movement again. These works - once the last layer - today are attempts to create something new. The past intention has lost its meaning but not its existence. Therefore, the new form they take today will never be able to make what they once were disappear. The same happens with the passing of life. Every adventure leaves its mark, no matter how much the "I" is transformed. If you look more closely you will see that nothing is totally erased, after all nobody is a blank canvas.


One must be sure that the world understands art as something perfectly unfinished and incomplete, a constant metamorphosis. Cycles of love that begin in us and end in this exhibition. We are deeply connected and eternally dependent on the art of rediscovering life through our eyes. Associated to those who feel, to those who think, to those who dream, to those who go ahead and then turn back. To those who run aimlessly, to those who set their goals, to those who collect medals from the podium, to those who remain seated. To those who lost, to those who won, to those who caused the pain, to those who were pain before or after being love. To those who are sure or doubtful of their own existence. Feel what has been experienced. What would your canvas look like?


After all, there are always those who count stars as a way of moving between lives. Perhaps this movement varies according to the secrets we keep, in tune with the beating of each heart. 



Patricia Cesar Vicente

August, 2021

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