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02. — 21.06.2021 (except holidays, weekends and 18 June)

Mercês Cultural Space, Lisbon



"On a long roll stretched out on the floor three bodies find themselves sitting, squatting, kneeling, close, far apart, but never too far apart as they all need each other to become one, in this almost game where they are single of intention and stripped of individual ego. 


It is a collective catharsis that is created between intention and experimentation. A game in which the rules are written individually and as each one paints, always at the same time as the others. Born, dies, dies reborn. What is it? A collective painting that is born in spray, acrylic, dry pastel, oil pastel, enamel and that says separate and mixed things where some annul others as in a cosmic shock of pictorial matter in boiling and collision that both kills and creates. There, on that long roll stretched out on the floor, "nothing is lost, everything is transformed". It transforms into direct or subliminal messages, and which will be separated again by being available by the metre as if it were a simple wallpaper, fabric, other material, or even the value of a house broken down and evaluated in square metres. This is the art they intend to make from that roll, art by the square metre, bits of ideas from all three in colourful abstract or figurative paintings or both but taken as if it were a cheap material bought in some retail store. Can painting be like that? Yes, anything is possible in artistic practice, even its false devaluation. Dadá showed this, the Arte Povera, the Pop Art methods of repetition, copy and vulgarity. In this roll we have a bit of all that, Pop, Neo Dadá (for the provocation and as if it were a false "cadravre exquis"), Abstract Expressionism recalling one of those huge New York lofts, and a mural, yes, a mural that will be dismantled like the Berlin Wall and sold in pieces. 


The value of art, the value of things in life, of houses, of everything. The value of the art made by the three artists who question and challenge the public not used to this false devaluation. In this intangible experimental world the focus is really to appeal to the just - the accessible - both in the artistic-cultural milieu and in the lifestyle each of us lives."


Leonel Ventorim

May, 2021

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